Ways to manage the small talks

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In this post we are going to see
what is a small talk?

Where and when we have a small talk?

why do we need to have a small talk?

What is the better way to have a small talk?

As part of this post, I am going to give
you a few amazing questions to have a better

conversation, when you come across acquaintances
or strangers.

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Let’s see what is a small talk?

Small talk is a conversation which we have
with people whom we really don’t know.

It could be your coworker, it could be your
boss, it could be your friend’s friend, or

it could be our relative’s relative.

so basically, this conversation we will have
with people whom we really don’t know or we

know but not really well.

Let’s see where and when we do have small

in many circumstances of our life, we come
across many new people, such as relative’s

marriage function and office party and office
conference and meetings, etc.

Now, we see why do we need to have a small

There are 3 reasons why we need to have a
small talk, the 1st one is to keep everybody

comfortable in the conversation.

Let’s take an example where we are going for
a party and we are sitting along with our

friends and our friend’s friends are sitting
next to them, we know our friends really well,

we are close with them, but we don’t know
our friend’s friends, who they are, what they

are , where they come from, what they are
doing, anything we don’t know, we can easily

make out conversation with our friends, interact
with them, we can smile, laugh, giggle, we

can do everything, but it is difficult to
have a conversation with our friend’s friends.

in this scenario, if we leave our friend’s
friends out of the conversation, they wouldn’t

feel comfortable, at the end of the day, we
also wouldn’t feel comfortable.

in order to have a comfortable environment
in the conversation, it is better we include


The 2nd thing why you need to have a small
talk is when you pick a conversation with

somebody you will get to know more about another
person, they will also get to know more about


so when you get to know about each other so
it will help you to identify the similarities

between you and them, if there are any similarities.

let’s say you play a football game, another
person also wants to play football, but, he

doesn’t know anybody to play football game.

so you may call them on join you in the weekend
to have a football match.

so likewise it will help you to establish
a friendship, so let’s say if it is a girl,

and you are interacting with her, let’s assume
the conversation goes really well and you

like her, fortunately she also likes you very
well, it might help you to pave a way for

the date.

It will help you to find a mentor for the
venture you are pursuing also, it might help

you to find a right partner for the venture
you are pursuing also.

in all these ways, it would be helpful.

The 3rd thing is to have fun and enjoy the

when you are somewhere and you don’t know
anybody and everybody around you is laughing,

giggling, pulling each other’s leg and enjoying
the moment, it is better you also pick a conversation

with somebody so that you can experience and
enjoy the moment.

now, we have seen what is small talk, where
and when we have small talk, why do we need

to have a small talk, now, let’s see how we
can have a small talk? when it comes to a

small talk it is basically a conversation,
we are going to have with someone whom we

don’t really don’t know well, it might be
stranger, like that I explained already.

So, that’s why we need to make another person
fell comfortable, they also have to make you

feel comfortable, basically, when it comes
to a conversation, it is nothing but exchange

of thoughts, you share your thoughts with
another person, another share their thoughts

with you, so you have to express positive
vibes to feature in their good books, if you

emit negative vibes, the people will not be
attracted to you, so the conversation has

to be fruitful, it is better we lean what
kind of questions we can ask when it comes

to small talk; what kind of questions we should
refrain from asking when it comes to small

because, we don’t know that person very well,
if we know that person very well, what he

is; how he is; everything, in that scenario,
it would be okay.

when it comes to small talks, you are going
to have a conversation with another person

you want to know more about another person.

it is better if you don’t ask them questions
which will give you single word answer like

where do you live?

better ask them open ended questions like
what keeps you busy nowadays because if you

get a lengthy answer the conversation also
will prolong, you have a lengthy conversation,

in that way, you can exchange more thoughts
with another person, so the conversation will

be fruitful and you can know more about each

the another thing you could do is complement.

The one thing I repeatedly saying is keep
another person in their comfort zone so that

conversation can evolve and it will help you
to establish the relationship also.

Let’s take one example, in next assignment
in your office, you have to work closely with

another person but that person is not closer
with you right now.

you have to establish relationship, so you
need to find an opportunity.

let’s say that person owns a new mobile today
surprisingly, you could tell them, you mobile

looks so beautiful and gorgeous like you.

it will make them feel good and help you to
initiate the conversation in the right direction.

let’s take one more example, your one of your
coworkers got a new hairstyle today, so you

could tell them wow you got a new hair style.

may be they could ask you back, whether I
look good in this hair style or not? you could

reply them saying you always look beautiful
regardless of the hairstyle you own.

okay, this way you could initiate the conversation
and complement another person.

In another scenario, let’s say one of your
coworkers looks so stressed, may be you could

go to them and ask them why you look so stressed.

stay happy, it will also make them feel good
and make you feature in their good books.

the another thing you could do is don’t hold

when you begin the conversation, you have
to give something for another person to work with.

let’s say you have been asked what do you
do for living? you could I am an accountant

but I don’t cook the books.

See how funny the response is! now, that person
could ask you another question, it is not

like you are making them scramble for what
next question could be asked to you, right.

so, let’s take one more example, you have
been asked what you have been up to? may be

you could reply them saying I have been to
Italy this year along with my kids.

now, they know that you have kids. may be
they can ask you back,

how old your kids are?
what they are doing?

where they are studying?

how they are studying?
so and so.

likewise, the conversation would evolve.

the another thing you could do is, you can
revive the dying conversation.

Sometimes, silence could be prevailing in
the conversation, so that time you could throw

some more questions so that another person
could process and get back to you.

thing of silence as a transition, because
silence is not there, as long as you think

there is! you always can revive the conversation
with the new questions, with the different

topic and you can take the conversation in
a different direction.

but, in sometimes, if you see people want
to get out of the conversation, in such situations,

you need to allow the people to do so.

you should not look like a blabbering idiot,
holding them and talking something bullshit

which they don’t want to.

The another thing you could talk about is
the venue.

let’s say you are proceeding a conversation
with you acquaintance in a party, but, you

don’t know how to proceed the conversation.

for that, the one thing which always comes
i handy is the venue. may be you could talk

about the venue.

how the venue is decorated so well? they also
would agree, they also would say, yeah! this

is decorated very well.

so, it could have been in a better way or
this is the best decoration they could have ever seen.

may be they also could voice out their thoughts.

may be you could say them music playing around
is so pleasing to the ears. may they also

would agree or likewise, you can exchange
the thoughts talking about the venue and proceed

the conversation.

and may be you could say them like the food
the line for food is so lengthy, so likewise

you can talk about the venue and what is present
around and inside the venue.

so, let’s take one more example, so the office
has been decorated so well for the Christmas

ahead of time and you are sitting with your
coworker and you want to pick a conversation

and you want to continue the conversation,
may be you could tell her, the office has

been decorated very well, you feel like you
are already celebrating the Christmas, may

be she also could agree and she also may express
the happiness or what she feels, how she feels

about the decoration had been done inside

the another thing you could do is “Less talking,
more listening”.

the one universal but sad truth is ” people
always care about what they have to say, it

is not that what you have to say”.

People always love talking about themselves,
let’s take a scenario, where you are along

with you acquaintance in some venue, may be
you could ask them what do they do professionally?

what do they enjoy recreationally? so, it
will help them to open up about themselves,

may be they can explain you like they do this,
they do that, they do this for this long time,

so they enjoy doing this, they spend so much
dedication, handwork, like that, likewise,

they could explain and love talking about

You should be a good listener, when it comes
to small talk and make the conversation go

smooth and let the conversation prolong.

So far, we have seen how to pick a conversation
with somebody and how to make the conversation go smother.

now, we are going to see how to implement
FORD technique to have a better small talk.

so this FORD technique is basically a research
backed technique and it is more about asking questions to people.

Let’s see the first letter in the FORD technique
, the ‘F’ in the FORD technique represents FAMILY, so when you have a conversation with
the stranger, acquaintaces, boss, coworker,so you can talk about the family, you can
ask them where do they live?

what do they do?

but, if you are not sure whether they got a family, you could ask questions like what do you do after your work?

what keeps you busy during the weekend?

what do you enjoy doing during your leisure time? with whom, you spend most of the time?

so that that person can reveal more about themselves and you could ask appropriate follow-up questions so that you can have a better conversation.

Let’s take a look at the next letter in the FORD technique, ‘O’ in the FORD technique represents ‘Occupation’, this is again one of the right topics to have the conversation with strangers, acquaintances, boss and coworkers.

you could ask questions like where do you work?

what kind of work you do?

do you enjoy working in this designation?

do you enjoy working in this company?

what is your company culture?
but, prior to ask these kind of questions,

make sure that person has a job, if you are not sure whether that person has a job or not?
instead you could ask questions like what keeps you busy during nowadays? in which activity,you spend most of the time?
so that you can have an enjoyable conversation
at the end of the day.

Let’s take a look at the next letter in the FORD technique, ‘R’ in the FORD technique represents ‘RECREATION’, recreation is nothing but what people do for enjoyment or relaxation, so when we come across people whom we really don’t know well, we could ask questions like what do you like to do for fun?
what do you do on the weekend?
so where did you go for vacation?
so such questions you could ask but if you are aware about a person’s hobby already let’s say a person is very much interested in trekking and he often visits different mountains to perform the trekking also. In that scenario, you could ask questions like which was the last mountain you visited for trekking?
that way, you can have a better conversation with another person.

The last part of the FORD technique is asking questions about others dreams.
when it comes to dreams, don’t think like it is the dream you have when you fall asleep,so it is actually about other people dreams
that what they want to become down the line?

don’t hesitate to get creative with questions like what have you always been wanted to do?

if you could travel anywhere which place would you like to visit?

where do you want to see yourself down the line 10 years?

it might take a few attempts to get that person interested in talking, be sure to listen and reflect back.

The final suggestion I would like to give you is don’t talk about the religion.
so like you brag about your religion, because when it comes to, be it small talk or conversation,because you belong to some religion, if you are conversing with another person, that person might belong to different religion, so things might not go well if you talk about religion, in most occasions, it is better avoid talking
about religion.

so, with this, I end this topic.

So, I hope this post would have been useful
to you.

Thank you guys! comment below how you find
this post?

whether it is useful to you?

whether it helps you to improve?

I will make sure I will visit you all with
the next useful post.

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No Fap(Semen Retention): Miraculous benefits

In this post, we are going to see what is no fap? what is the procedure to follow no fap?
whether no fap means no sex?
and what’s the difference between no fap and semen retention?
and what are the various health benefits of following no fap?

Okay! when it comes to no fap, it’s all started on Reddit in 2011 during a convo between the folks who had stopped masterbation. What all started as a casual conversation is now a business, it got a website, and there is an organization which promotes quitting no just porn and other sexual behaviours also.
Their target audience appears to be predominantly males, a smaller chunk of females and people who belong to other sexual orientations.
Proponents of the no fap argues that they experience a range of benefits from mental clarity to muscle growth. even I experience those benefits because I am following no fap. Another thing you need to consider is watchhing porn and beating your meat is going to give you absolutely nothing. As per research, porn addiction is one of the most powerful addictions in this world. That’s why many people participate in this no fap challenge for 90 days. Now, we are going to see why 90 days?

When you watch too much porn, it affects your brain and it causes various side effects also like sexual dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation and it even has the potential to destroy your life. Basically, our body needs time, when you are following no fap, to perform the rewiring of our brain and to reboot it. That’s why it is basically 90 days. But, 90 days following no fap is really tough actually, but, if you want to get out of the porn addiction and masterbation, you need to follow it. It is possible, it is achievable actually.

Now, let’s see whatt is the difference between semen retention and no fap?
No Fap can be considered as semen retention but semen retention is different from it. No fap is basically a type of 90 days challengepeople take it up to get rid of the porn addiction. during that, 90 days period people refrain from watching porn and do the masterbation and ejaculating. During that period, people will be retaining their semen, these 90 days period is the period during which our whole body and our brain reboots itself so that it can revive and get back the drained energy. But people after completing the no fap challenge, some people fall back to their old behaviour of fapping on daily basis. Some other people who get into their relationship, they have normal sex and release the energy during the orgasm. So, this is how it is happening. But, when it come sto semen retention, it is all about, how to reach the orgasm without ejaculating it. So how how to experience the whole body orgasm without performing the ejaculation retaining the semen. So, this is how these 2 concepts are different, these 2 practices are different.

Real Sex becomes better
You will enjoy your partner’s company. Actually, pornography destroys your sexual life. It will create distance between you and your partner. when you follow no fap, the real sex is far better than watching pornography and masterbation. Actually, it boosts your energy level, so when are watching porn and performing the masterbation, you are loosing too many essential nutrients which you don’t even realise, so, when you are following no fap, you are retaining that energy in your body. It actually increases your testosterone level levels by 45% in day 7 so which may increase your energy level. However, it has been noticed that it comes back to normal after a week. This increase in testosterone level is an awesome feeling.

The next thing is more intense sexual desire, you sexual drive will go up(the real sexual dessire), so after when you complete no fap for a couple of weeks, your sexual drive will go up like crazy, you will chase the real women, so you will find that real sex is way better than the jerking off to people whom you really don’t know.

The next thing is self-confidence increases. When you watch porn, what happens is your body generates an instant shot of dopamine, so it makes you watch porn again and again, because your generates dopamine without aany hardwork. Basically, how this dopamine gets generated in our body is when you do a lot of hard work, and you achieve something, and you really fell happy about it. Ten, the shot of dopmaine will be generated in our body. so, that’s the natural way to generate dopamine. But, if you generate dopamine ike this, you tell your brain that there is an easy way to generate dopamine so whenever you feel depressed, you feel stressed, you brain ask you to watch porn so that it becomes addicted over a period of time. that’s how porn addiction gradually starts. so, when you follow no fap, over a period of time your dopamine level will go back to normal, but it will take a few months.

Another thing is it gives back your precious time of your life. On an avergae, life is only 700,800 hours. Do you need to spend time watching porn and jerking off to random people whom you don’t even know. At the end of the day, it makes us feel guilty for what we have committed, you need to choose whether you have to watch porn or you spend your precious time with your loved ones and dear one and you enjoy your life to the fullest doing what you want, what you enjoy doing. So, this no fap challenge actually gives back your precious time to enjoy your life and enjoy every moments of your life.

the another thing you need to notice is you will have more self-control, you will start believing in yourself. During no fap, almost diaily, you will have the urge to watch porn and do the masterbation, but, everytime you have these urges, you will fight and win over it. at the end of the day, you will have more self-control. because, you are not fearing of it, intsead you are fighting and winning over it. that’s what matters the most, because the urges of porn are considered as the strongest urges.

The next amazing thing of following no fap is not thinking about sex all the time.
basically, what happens is when we watch too much porn, even when we across a beautiful girl on the way, we like to have sex with her, we start imagining, pour mind starts imagining, having sex with that person, so we don’t even know who that person is that person also doesn’t even know who we are, but, our mind works like this. but, when we follow no fap what happens is these kind of thoughts decrease enough, these kind of thoughts go off from our mind. we see person as a person, we see human as a human, so we interact with humans in a way we are supposed to, instead of looking at them as a sex material.

Another amazing benefit is sharp memory.
do you have problem in remembering things? then, no fap is the solution. when you follow no fap, you will be able to clearly remember things that I personally experience because even I follow no fap. As i said before, many people who follow no fap has experienced the same. their memory power increases, because, you are deleting the garbage from your brain.

another related benefit of following no fap is more focussed. you will be able to focus on smal small things very clearly and very closely if you are finding a trouble, while reading a book, then start no fap from today.

so the another amazing benefit of following no fap is to get a deeper voice. Actually, nobody can help you to get a deeper voice. what happened is when I was following no fap, after a point of time, my voice started becoming heavy, the one thing we need to observe in following no fap is because the testosterone levels alo goes up, the testosterone levels and heavy voice are somewhat related. Let me tell you a story, what happenned in my life, so I attended a conference in Kuala Lumpur, during that conference was on going, so there was a Q&A session. during that Q&A session, I stood up and raised a question, when I raised a question, nobody was giving attention to what I was asking, but after me, there was another guy who stood up and raised a question, his voice was so deep and heavy, and everybody was paying attention to what he was asking, like who is this guy, he got a leader like voice, actually, that situation made me realise how important it is to have a deep voice.

The another potential benefit you could experience is no more premature ejaculation. so, when you watch too mush porn, it causes premature ejaculation also. but, when you follow no fap, you can concentrate on the current moment, instead of worrying about premature ejaculation. Another thing is you have to stop edging. What is edging?
edging is nothing but watching porn but you don’t masterbate. It actually demolishes your no fap achievements and it causes premature ejaculation. so no fap, don’t watch porn, refrain from watching porn and don;t masterbate and don’t do edging.

The next potential benefit you could experience is trong hair. Keratin is the most essential nutrient for our nails and hairs. our sperm contains keratin. when we masterbate, our body loses too much of keratin. If you love your nails and hairs, start no fap challenge.

The next marvellous thing you could experience is better stamina.
when our body got more stamina, it will help to maintain, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and helps to burn the fat also.
we will have very good stamina in our bedroom also, but, for that we need to wait for 90 days. Because, no fap takes time to reboot alll our faults that we have committed in the past.

following no fap helps you to earn more respect from people, because, what happens is when you fap so much, when you masterbate, when you jerk off so much, what happens is it will make you lose your self-esteem, it will make you feel like you are a loser, you are good for nothing like that. but, when you are following no fap, so the changes happen like mental clarity when you are able to clearly remember things, when you are able to focus on even small things, all these things will help you out, in your work, and the things you do, so when you are able to do things in an organized way, and you are able to focus and direct your mind, it will help you to earn respect from the people around you.

Another important benefit you could face is no more stress. there are many ways, plenty of ways to get rid of stress like listening to music, participate in sports activity, sharing our problems with another person, and go to shopping, go to mall, so go to some social gathering likewise. This is one another option using which you can get rid of stress, because when you follow no fap, what happens actaully is you will start enjoying doing small small things, this stress will out of your life and happiness will remain.

The another amazing benefit you could feel is alive eyes. because, when you follow no fap, what you basically do is you are refrining from watching porn, and masterbating. so, during this period, you will be retaining the semen. the semen basically contains the many essential nutreints for our body, for our eyes also, which will help our eyes to work more clearly.

the next benefit is glowing skin, when you are on the journey of following no fap, you skin will start to shine, and everybody will start to notice that your skin is glowing, but they don’t know why it is happening, it is the magic of no fap.

The enxt beautiful benefit is best sleep, when you are on the journey of no fap, you will have very good quality sleep and you will be able to remember your thinds, dreams clearly also. let’s say you are on no fap journey, and you have completed 2-3 weeks, now the period is clled the flatline, during this period, you will get very good sleep, and also you don’t need so mmuch sleep to feel rested also.
if you have a sufficient sleep, like 6-7 hours, then it is completely enough for you.

Thhe enxt beneficial thing is increased self-motivation, because, when you are fapping too much, because, you feel embarrassed, you feel bad, you feel low self-esteem, so you feel like you are not good for nything. so, it will cause so many problems mentally also. but, when you are following no fap, you don’t have anything to hide, right.
so, you feel otivated, you have some energy, you will stand up for yourself, you will fight for yourself, so you have respect for yourself. you will be a self-motivated individual.

the next thing is no depression. many people suffer from depression basically, right, they have problems, they dont share with others, they dono how to get rid of it also. but, no fap is the solution, when you follow no fap, you will have respect for yourself, you will believe in yourself, nothing is impossible will be your life’s mantra, you will have confidence that you can achieve it.

the enxt amazing benefit of no fap is imporved muscle growth. when you follow, no fap, muscle grows insanely, actaully sperm is only 1% of the semen, the other is made of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc and Vitamin B12. so, moreover what appens is during the no fap period, the testosterone levels also goes up by 45% in a week. Okay! these are all the things, combination of all these, helps to improve our body mass, lean muscle mass, everything, so.
One example if I have to quote is I joined gym 6 months ago, that period of time, it was not working for me, my muscles were not growing, I had no energy, no stamina to do the workout also. no confidence, no motivation, now things have changed, my muscle is growing like anything, I am able to feel happy, when I see biceps popping out of my tee shirt.

Okay! guys, finally we have reached the end of this post, thanks for reading, comment below how you find this post and stayed tuned for more posts in the future.

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Tips to read anybody

Hello Guys! Don’t go crazy looking at the title of this post.

In this post, we are not going to see how to read someone’s mind. Only vampires could do, whe they are around. We are going to see How to read people? It’s all about knwoing beyond words what they want to say? It’s all about sensing what they actually want to say, even when they say otherwise.

When you are able to properly read someone, it will significantly affect your social, work and personal life.

When you understand how another person is feeling, so you can accordingly tweak your message and communication style so that it is received in the best way possible.

It might sound tricky but you don’t actually need any superpower to read someone.

In this post, we are going to see 15 amazing tips to read someone like a pro.

The first thing is be objective and open minded. If you are going to read someone, you must first practice having an open mind. You should not let your emotions and past experiences influence your impressions and opinions.

If you are going to read someone in a quicker way, it will cause you to misread someone. Psychology actaully says that logic alone won’t tell you the entire scenario. You must surrender yourself to the vital forms of information which is nothing but non-verbal cues that people express and people emit. You have to approach every situation and interaction in an objective way so when you receive information, you have to be objective and receive neutrally without distorting it to see someone clearly.

The second marvellous thing you could do to read people is you can observe their posture. You can see them how they stand, how they walk, how they hold their head. Let’s say if a person is holding his head high, it means he is very confident above of the situation. And let’s say another person, he is walking very indecisively and Cower. It means he may be in low self-esteem. Let’s take a scenario where you are a boss and your sub-ordinate has dropped by your place. But,, when he was walking towards your place, he was walking in an indecisive manner. So, when you see him, when you observe his posture, you have to understand he might be in low self-esteem, so you have to make him gain some confidence beofre he go back to his desk.

The another thing you could do is observe people’s appearance whether that person is dressed up for success whhich makes them look they are ambitious; whether that person is wearing jeans and tee shirt, which makes them they look comfort and causual; whether that person is wearing tee shirt with slogan; whether that person got a tatoo in their hand; whether that person is wearing any pendant with religious symbols, which showcases their spiritual values. All these identities and symbols you can sense or read something about that person.

Okay! another thing you could do is observe people’s body movements. Let’s say when somebody lean towards you, it means that person likes you. When somebody lean away from you, it means that that person doesn’t like you. So, during a conversation, when a person lean towards you, keeping her hands open, and facing palms upwards, it means that that person is in connection with you during the conversation. So, not only these lean towards, lean away, you can observe various other body movements also, like keeping one’s arms crossed and legs crossed, it suggests that that person is in self-defensive, protection or anger. So, let’s take an example where you are conversing with another party and that person is leaning towards you during the conversation keeping her hands open and the palms facing upwards, so that person is in connection with you during the conversation. The conversation is going well, but suddenly you say something but that moment that person lean away from you keeping her hands croseed, it means that you said something but that didn’t like it. So, not only these body movements, you can observe whether somebody is cuticle picking or biting their lips, it suggests that they are trying to soothe themselves under pressure.

Another thing you could lookout is facial expression. Unless you are the master of poker face, your emotions will be etched on your face. So, on our daily basis, we come across people, we do smile with people, we do discuss with people, we do converse with people, we do laugh, fight and do everything. there are several facial expressions we do come across, we do see on daily basis. Each one got its own meaning, the 1st one is when you see deep frown lines formed on somebody’s face, it is the sign that they are over-thinking or worried. When somebody is truly laughing out, you can find crow’s feet or smile lines of joy on their face. When you find pursed lips, it means that it is a sign of contempt, anger or bitterness. So, additionaly, if you find clenched jaws or teeth grindingness, it means that it is the sign of tension of omeone’s face.

The another thing is don’t shy away from the small talk. In our previous post, we have discussed a lot about the small talk. what is small talk? How to have a small talk? Where and when we can have a small talk? and son and so. Here, we are going to see how to make use of it as an opportunity to understand one person. So, wehn you have a small talk, you can find out how a person behaves in a normal situation? You can use it as a benchmark to identify any differences out of the normality in some other situations in his behaviour.

The next thing you could do is scan complete behaviour of a person. Let’s say in general, what we do is in most cases, we assume that when a person look down on a floor it means that the person is nervous or worried. Let’s say you are already familiar with that person, you are very close with that person. You are having conversation with him, but during the conversation, that person is looking down on the floor. Does that mean that person is nervous or worried? It could be because that person is trying to avoid eye contact with you or trying to be casual, because you are talking about someting which he is not comfortable. It could be like that also. That’s why establishing a person’s normal bbehaviour will help you to identify if any deviations in that person behaviour.

Another thing you could do is ask direct questions, when you want direct answers, instead of asking vague questions. So, moreover when somebody answers your quetion you have to look for action words in their answer to understand how they think through to answer your question. How they do things, you can undertsand their behaviour and read, how they act, how they behave. Let’s take an example where you have gone for a shopping and your friend has accompanied you. When you are shopping, your friend is looking for to purchase a jean, there are several brands of jeans, on the racks. After a while, you ask him, which beand jean you are going to purchase? So, he answers you saying that he has decided to go with the Levis brand. Here, the action word is decided, it means that he is not impulsive, he has thought about which brand to buy, now, he has decided, he is going to go with the Levis brand.

The another thing is observe the observe the words and the tones people use. When you talk with somebody, you have to notice and observe what kind of words they use and the tone of their voice also. because, it means a lot acually. Okay! let’s take an example where you are congratulating your colleague for his promotion and he replies saying that this is my fourth promotion. It means that he has already been promoted thrice, this is is his fourth promotion that you want to know that he has already been promoted thrice. So, these kind of people mostly rely on others to boost their self-confidence. They actaully want you to brag them so that they feel good. So, in most cases, as per psychology what they say is the sounds basically creates vibration, tone of the voice and the words they use , based on that you can feel the emotions of the person. If the tone of the voice is like whiny or abrasive, you can understand what kind of emotions is going inside their body, in their mind.

Another thing you could do is Listen to what your gut says. when you first meet a person, it will give you a visceral reaction, it is actually a primal response, occurs quickly on its own. It is your internal truth meter actually. It will let you know whether you are confortable with that person or not? Moreover, it will tell you whether you can trust that person or not? You can actually go by that.

The next amazing thing I tell you is Observe people eyes. Because, eyes are the doorway to our soul, as per research. It will tell you so many things, whether they are mean, whether they are angry, whether they are defensive, whether they are telling you the truth, whether they are telling you a lie. Everything they will let you know, it will tell you what kind of person they are also. So, keannly observe people eyes, when you have a conversation to read beyond words what they mean actually.

Another thing you could observe is let’s say when someone is biting the arms of the spectacle, or pen, pencil, or they are biting the chewing gum, all means the same thing. They are worried about something in their subconscious level. Try to cheer them up, interact with them and try to make them happy.

The another thing let’s say when a person is rubbing his chin like this and he is looking somewhere around, up, down, sides, or anywhere. It means that that person is trying to make a decision. If you ask him, what he is looking at, he would not even know what he is looking at. Because, he is deep in thinking, and trying to make some decision in his mind.

The another thing you could notice is sitting on a chair like a horse. Sitting on a chair llike a horse means that holding the back of the chair and facing the different direction. So, basically people who are dominant tend to follow this style, when they are sitting on a chair. So, it means that let’s say a person is running the shhow and another person doesnt want to remain or look weak, he might follow this style. If he is dominant person, many people , most of the people doesn’t like people sitting like this. because, we basically and intuitively feel the aggression init. The final thing you could do is practice watching people. The more you study people, the more you can read them. So watch some program on mute and observe the face reactions of the people and the body movements of the people, after sometime, watch the same program with the volume ON. and try to see your whether your observation matches. So, this way you can practice watching people and improve your skillsets on this front. So, now I have taught you the 15 amazing ways on how to read people. So, basically we don’t need any superpower to read someone, all we need to understand is what we need to look for. Okay guys, it will actaully help you to further boost your emotional quotient, and make you understand the struggles and needs of the people around you, so that you can act accordingly and it will help you to improve your interpersonal skills, it will help to establish very good relationship with somebody, in all htese ways, it will immensely help you, hope this post would have been useful to guys. Thank you for reading, comment below how you find this post. I will make sure I will see you all with the useful post again, Stay tuned.

God’s Gift

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Everybody we come across in our life is a gift given by god to us to experience it.

Either good or bad, there is definitely a take away from everybody. Bad qualities in others remind us how we should not be, whereas good qualities in others reminds us what we have to emulate. With all those, if we proceed our life, we can defintely improve ourselves.

But, there is no end to self-improvement and nobody is perfect in this world. Attaining perfection is what all are trying, but, nobody knows what is perfection and where it ends.

Pleasure seeking animals

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As human beings, if we are able to work harder than we used to, squeeze ourselves, and achieve the delivery defined by somebody else for the monetary benefit we are craving for, why not on our own?

Wouldn’t working harder and squeezing on our own initiative benefit us more than the one conceived by others?

Is that we are more diffident to procastinate and await for ideal situation?

Life is confined to some years, live the way you want so that there is no repentance..

Prevent excruciating tooth pain

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Tooth pain the most excruciating, which we don’t know when it makes a surprise visit, as an unwanted guest, but when it comes, people find very difficult to bear the pain and sometimes affects ear also.

Toothache is caused, when the nerve in the root or surrounding of teeth is irritated. Tooth infection, decay of a teeth, injury or loss of teeth are the most common causes of tooth pain.

Tooth decay is usually caused by the bacteria which grows inside mouth.

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How to evade from it?

Pepper and cloves of equal amount, make them as powder then, add some salt. Keep this mixture in a fridge for daily usage.

When you want to use, take a little amount of it, like an amount of tooth paste you use to brush, mix with coconut oil like a paste, using the tooth brush, brush your teeth with this. This will forever prevent tooth decay and bacterial infection. Whether you use this during morning time or not, but, it is advisable to use before you go to bed.

During night when we sleep, the food residues stagnated in our mouth causes infection over a period of time, this will prevent us from it.

Apart from this, at least once in a week, use neem stick to brush your teeth. Neem sticks has more antibacterial content than many other natural herbs, because of this, infections and bad breathe can be avoided.

Nowadays, we use toothpaste, but, in primate time, our ancestors were using ash to clean our teeth. It will make enamel look healthy and shiny. Tooth color also tend to be whiter as you use this continually.

Bustling benefits of Banana flower

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Almost every part of banana tree is useful to us, be it stem, flowers, leaves, barks, and obviously the bananas- both ripen and non-ripen.

Banana flowers are the blossoms of banana tree which are used as vegetables in South Asia and South East Asia region. The people of these regions use banana flower for curries, soups and fried foods.

Nutrients info: Potassium, Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, Vitamin E and Protein.


Good for heart: Banana flowers are good source of tannins and other antioxidants, potassium, and dietary fiber. All these contents help to keep your heart healthy.

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Anti-aging benefits: Banana flowers are loaded with antioxidants that encounter free radicals and prevent early aging or skin aging.

Improve Lactation: Banana flowers promote breast milk supply for lactating mothers. It also helps to prevent excessive bleeding and maintaining healthy uterus after delivery.

Anti-depressants: Banana flowers are rich in magnesium which helps to boost mood and reduce anxiety without any side effects.

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Regulate menstrual bleeding: Banana flowers help to increase the progesterone hormone in the body which can reduce excessive menstrual bleeding.

Regulating blood pressure: Banana flowers are rich in potassium and dietary fiber which help in maintaining blood pressure at normal level.

Helps in digestion: Banana flowers are loaded with dietary fibre which boosts healthy digestion and prevents constipation.

Boosts immunity: Banana flowers treat infections due to presence of ethanol-based extracts which helps to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

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Prevents Anaemia: Banana flowers have good amount of iron that can increase the production of red blood cells.

In the upcoming blogs, we will post how to prepare food using this flower to en light our followers to get benefited from this flower’s nutrients.