Journey towards MBA

Journey towards MBA

Here, this is my very first post. I am going to talk about, what all MBA as an education caters for a person to be successful in his journey ahead.

Why MBA?

  1. Career upliftment
  2. Want to change the profile and what more?
  3. Build up network of like-minded people
  4. Enlightening ourselves to be capable of successful manager

Career upliftment

In an organization, if you are working in an executive level, career growth to managerial position will take years to reach given the employee’s performance is also good else you need to switch over a few times to get better hike/higher position.

When a person does MBA, they usually get mapped in Client facing position or where management skill is required.

Want to change the profile and what more?

Yeah! There are people who get attracted to different profiles from what they are into and they take MBA as an opportunity to change and move ahead to their desired profiles.

Build up network of like-minded people

Even though MBA generally gives career upliftment, it comes with lots of perks, where students get to network with like-minded people and do lots of team work as part of their education which helps to improve bonding among students and help each other to plan for their career.

Enlightening ourselves to be capable of successful manager

Yeah! MBA obviously contributes to learn how a manager should be and how we need to act on certain crucial situations to wield our official power to stand successful.

Is MBA really necessary?

When it comes to MBA and the preparation journey towards it, it is not so easy and lots of effort to be put in terms of preparation towards

  • Logical reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Quantitative aptitude

In order to get a good score in CAT exam so that we receive call from premier MBA institutes for further assessment.

How all these contributes to become a manager?

Have you ever wondered about it? The answer is yes; it does in some way.

Being a manager, you need to be rational and need to be mentally stable, regardless of the circumstances. That’s where logical reasoning will help us to arrive at the logical conclusion of any problems in our life/career and how it has to be handled based on the circumstances. It can be otherwise called as emotional intelligence also.

Verbal Reasoning: Nowadays we live in the globalization era and we need to travel across the world for business purpose and build network/collaborate to attain sustainable successes. This is where the communication skills and the fluency in English is required. Besides, which and what word to use, when and where it should be used.

Quantitative aptitude: It helps professionals who work in the finance sector. Moreover, if we are able to calculate fast, our mind should act fast, which helps in other ways also, where our action to be felt immediately.

Are Non-MBAs not successful?

Cannot say like this. It all depends on the circumstances we grow up and what we experience also. Ultimately a person’s character is molded by what he/she experiences in their life journey. Life is always the best teacher.

Let’s say a child grows up in an environment where his/her parents run a company. Generally being a child, they tend to grab things faster into their mind, they will also imbibe what they see around and how things are handled in their presence. In this circumstance, though they don’t do MBA, they tend to have some managerial skill set imbibed without their knowledge in their mind, actions, and the way they do things.

Are all MBAs successful?

It again depends. Every human is unique by god’s creation. Some people experiment and venture into new things with all their courage, though it is associated with lots of risk.

Whereas some other people are happy to be what they are and stick around with it lifelong.

Likewise, there are many kinds of people.

In general, MBA teaches various things which will enlighten us to be successful in our career journey and it bolsters us with business related learnings.

HR: People mentality and the different ways of managing things, how we improve ourselves to be better as a manager.

Finance: Teaches how organization handles their financial stability to be successful and the tools they use for various purposes.


Wish you good luck who have made up their mind to pursue MBA

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