What we experience in Malaysia as an Indian

Most of the Indians, once they land in Malaysia, the place where they first reach to stay is Kl Sentral, which is engulfed by brickfield, little India stretch, many Indian grocery shops, restaurants, and temples. It is almost a typical Indian ambience except the skyscrapers and condominiums around.

Staying in Brickfield won’t make anyone feel that you are away from India. Especially if you are from Tamil Nadu, as you pass by little India stretch, you can get to hear Tamil songs, that too old village songs and any place inside Malaysia, you travel, you would bump into some local Indians with whom you could easily interact in Tamil language, in case if any guidance required. Many Indian and branded restaurants like Thalapakatti, Anjappar, Saravana Bhavan, & MTR are living in brickfield to satisfy the craving of Indians and in other places as well.

Not only restaurants, there are grocery shops such as Modern stores who import vegetables, pulses, lettuce and other cooking items from India and serve the people staying in that locality. Living here, you would get everything what you get in India, there is no doubt about it.

Most of the expat Indians stay in the condos around this area. Staying here, you would get to meet your Indian community frequently to make friends.

Other places: Indians from India live in other areas as well, like Bukit Jalil, PWTC, Masjid India inside Kuala Lumpur, but, when it comes to brickfield, you could find lots of Indians around.

Food: There are 3 different races, hence, three different cuisines. Other country foods are also easily available and there are numerous options to dine out. One specialty about Malaysian food is you would get to try vegetarian chicken, fish made of tofu, which tastes similar to chicken and fish.

Indian food: Like I stated in the previous paragraph, Indians from India also run many restaurants here. We can get north Indian food, south Indian food, various Indian sweets, etc. You will never get deprived of having Indian food. Local Indian foods are also available, but, it is slightly different in taste and the vegetables they use to eat half-baked.

Mamak food: Usually, the restaurants run by Indian Muslims in Malaysia, the south Indian food is usually available here like Dosas, Rice, Sambhar, etc.

Chinese food: There are many Chinese restaurants across Malaysia. As far as Chinese food is concerned, it is typical Chinese food you would get to taste here, unlike, in India, we use to have Indianised Chinese food to relish our taste buds.

Malay food: Staying in Malaysia, there are a few must try Malay cuisines listed below:

  • Nasi Lemak
  • Murtabak ayam
  • Cendol
  • Rojak
  • Chicken Rendang
  • Kuih

People: Malaysia is tourist friendly country and it makes billions year on year, through tourism income. Here, people are tolerant to different cultures and friendly to everybody.

One thing, most of the people are very fluent in English especially the one who live in Kuala Lumpur. Even wherever you go out, most of the people will speak good English and only a few don’t speak which is rare. In this case, it is easy for foreigners to communicate and enjoy your presence in Malaysia, regardless of your purpose of visit.

Culture: Here, Malays are more conservative, ladies wear their traditional attire with Tudung; more religious. Chinese culture we feel it is almost western one. Indians also follow mixed culture since they live with other races here, but, in special occasions like marriage and other ceremonies, they try to follow typical Indian culture and they are very religious.

Green everywhere: Even though we live in Kuala Lumpur or some other cities inside Malaysia, you can see a lot of greenery around. Especially, it is raining here, almost every day, that too downpour every time, it is hard to come across drizzling. It is a beautiful country to enjoy our residence, blessed with nature.

Commutations: Here, if you want to travel across Malaysia, not all places are connected with public transport, but, you can still take grab to reach out there.

Unlike India, here Bus facility is not galore, even though bus facility is available to reach many places; timing of the buses may not be accurate. If you want to travel, better travel by train and then, to other places where train doesn’t reach, it is better to have own car or take grab.

But, if you want to travel to distant locations like Penang, Langkawi, Melaka, etc., Buses, Trains and flights are available from Kuala Lumpur, once you reach the destinations, to travel inside that cities, you can book taxi.

Travel Destinations: Though Malaysia is a small country,there are many travel destinations to cover around and it would take at least 1 month if you want to go and enjoy each places inside Malaysia. There is an upcoming blog in which I would cover places to cover inside Kuala Lumpur and other Travel Destinations inside Malaysia.

**Enjoy residing in Malaysia**

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