Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

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It is a long time since I started blogging I always wanted to talk about the health benefits of Chia seeds. Today, I am happy that I am able to make it.

This seed is in the top of the super food list. These seeds are harvested from plant which can grow 6 feet tall.

The nutrients in this are: Fiber, Protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, Copper, Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Vitamin, etc.

Many people use this to lose weight, to get healthy skin, to get good digestion, aids heart functioning,

It strengthens bone, muscles, all inner organs to be healthy, doctors usually prescribe this.

We can intake these Chia seeds by soaking it in water. It absorbs good amount of water and the size will become bigger after sometime and creates kind of gel. It can be added in cold drinks as well.

The Real Trailblazer

Our Trailblazer team always work hard to gather the fruitful information for the benefits of our dearest followers.

As part of this exciting venture, we fortunately bumped into a person who unleashed his potential to emerge as a fitness icon in his career journey to enlighten the society on the healthy lifestyle front.

He is none other than our Nirosh Kumar Nathan, who is the founder of Sports Revolution Malaysia, from Kuala Lumpur.

First of all, we humbly thank him for sharing his precious time with us.

Here are a few excerpts from the conversation we were privileged to have with him to feast our readers:

At what age, you got interest in fitness?

I started involving in sports at my age of 8. Initially, I was a football player. As I was growing up, at the age of 12, I noticed that I am skillful in sprinting and then, I started participating in track and field competitions. At the age of 14, I was representing my state in National level competitions, that’s how journey was moving ahead and then, I studied in national sports school. Ultimately, I am now a fitness professional in Malaysia.

Who is your inspiration and role model?

My father is my first inspiration in my life. He always motivated me to play football, kept pushing me forward to do exercise, and so on. When life was moving on, I got a chance to meet world class athletes Usain Bolt, Justin Gatlin, Yohan Blake, and my seniors in this journey, all inspired me and I consider them as my role models.

We always bump into a lot of people in our life, so that I am always interested in meeting new people and get extra motivation from them.

What motivated you to become fitness trainer?

Here, as part of this fitness career, I am able to change people’s lifestyle towards health.

In this fitness industry, we are here for only one thing, that is to improve people life style to make them stronger and healthier, because, there are lots of ailments keep originating in this world, as the years pass by.

What is your career goal?

It is a very good question; I just don’t want to stop my growth as a fitness professional. I am going to come out with something creative (out of the box) that nobody is doing in this world.

But, at this moment, I am working towards it to get it established to the people’s need. My career in this industry is always awesome and I love what I am doing. I am not interested to disclose what is my next step as of now, but, it will definitely be huge and it is going to benefit lots of people out there, especially Malaysians.

Hadn’t you become fitness trainer, what would you have been?

At my young age, I was thinking to get involved in serving military or to become a Police officer. Because, these 2 things are quite intense, the way I want it and resembles my life style.

Where you want to see yourself in the next 5 years?

Young entrepreneur, who launch new branches in different places, but, it is not the fitness center and it will definitely be different from that. I am sure I am going to the top young fitness entrepreneur in my career.

Have you ever felt you wanted to back off from this?

Never, because, I am in love with what I am doing. I always go ahead meeting people to transform their life style.

I don’t know how it would have been, had I not entered in to this career. I consider this career as a lifestyle journey. Given all this, my mind never even thought about backing off.

How the training you do distinguishes from other trainers?

To me, I am not interested to compare myself with other trainers, because, I consider them as my brothers (or) sisters, who guide to become a better person.

As far as myself is concerned, there are two things very important:

  1. Knowledge: I am ready to travel across the world spending my own money if it could help me to improve my knowledge.
  2. Time Management: a lot of people outside give excuses saying that I don’t have time and as so, but, everything is a matter of time management, if you really can manage your time well, we can do a lot of things in our life, in this 24 hours, which god gifted us, we don’t have to say that we really don’t have time.

Hurdles you passed by?

After I quit from national team, I suffered a lot as what other athletes went through. But, there is a passion in me that I could do it, the power of an athlete, mindset, psychology, everything brought me to a different destination.

Training front

In this career, I get to train performance athletes, people who work for corporate companies, business people, almost every kind of people.

I always work to change their lifestyle to become healthier, stronger, and make them manage their lifestyle as a better person.

The conversation ended with a quote “Always struggles in our life, but the challenges make you stronger and boost your level of confidence in whatever you are doing. “

Buffalo Milk: An underrated natural dessert

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As human beings, to live longer and healthier, a very important thing is the food habit we follow.

Healthy food habit could prevent us from all kinds of ailments and let us live longer without any illness. For that, what we intake should be of more nutritious and in right quantity as well.

Since a child is born, the first food to baby is the mother’s breast milk. After the child grew up , on daily basis, we usually feed some milk based products to children . It could be either cow milk or buffalo milk.

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A few people are in confused state, which milk brings greater benefits to our body. In general, most of the people only know the benefits of cow milk, we don’t even spare time to think about buffalo’s milk. Buffaolo milk actually consists more nutrients than cow milk.

Nutrients info: Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A

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  • Prevents us from Cardiovascular diseases
  • Acts as Immunity booster
  • Prevents us from Hemiplegia (the condition in which one side of body gets paralyzed)
  • Aids in regulating blood pressure
  • Improves the skin glow
  • More calcium in it strengthens our bones
  • Thin people could drink this to put on weight
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Who has to think twice before consuming this?

  • Not be suitable to obese people since it got more fat.
  • We always feed children with food which can be easily digested. Since it comprises more fat, it might take a little more time than cow milk to get digested.

Stay Healthy, Live longer

Cultural shocks in Malaysia – part 2

Road with vehicles

After a few days, we are again back with the travel experience updates for our dearest followers.

Honking horns: Honking the horns in vehicle is considered as taboo in Malaysia. Visiting from India, we find it so surprised to observe the way people manage their driving without honking their horns.

Commutation: On road, we always would get to see more four wheelers than bikes. Bikes are used to be a few on the roads.

Prawn Crackers

Non veg snacks: Since we Indians mostly eat vegetarian food and even if it is frequent, it could be twice in a week. We would feel surprised to find fish, prawn, chicken related packed snack items sold in grocery shops here.

Climate: Throughout year, it is almost the same climate. Day time bright sunshine, followed by frequent rains. However due to its proximity to oceans the climate is often quite humid. Despite this, the weather is never too hot and temperatures range from a mild 20°C to 30°C average throughout the year; whereas the highlands experience cooler temperatures.


Rain: Here, almost raining everyday, that too it is not drizzling, in one or two minutes after rain started, it will be downpour. It is always advisable to carry umbrella in hand, even with umbrella, it is difficult to honestly manage if you want to go by walk, because the force of rain is very heavy.

Drinks: We in India mostly use to have only Tea and Coffee, other than that Complan, Bournvita, Horlicks we buy and use. Here, if we see, in Tea and Coffee itself, there are many varieties which you could avail even in the road side stalls or small restaurants, that’s the beauty of it. Ironically, if you want Tea (or) Coffee with milk, you need to mention it as milk tea, otherwise, they are used to use the creamer.

Drinks in Restaurant

A few special drinks to quote are: Neslo(Nescafe+Milo), Teh O Kosong, Te O ice, Teh O Ice Limau, etc. Apart from that, there a few other famouse drinks such as Barley juice, Air Bandung Juice, Nutmeg Juice, Longan Juice, etc. If you are visiting Malaysia, don’t miss to rejoice all these delights.

Please refer here for Cultural Shocks in Malaysia Part1

Why is Jackfruit seeds good for you?

Nutrients: Carbohydrate, Protein, Fiber, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron.

Wonder! How to eat it?

  • After we consume the pulpy portion of the fruit, keep away the seeds for later use.
  • Dry the seeds under bright sunlight for a couple of hours, so that the skin of the seeds can be separated from the seed.
  • Just boil the seeds in water with some amount of salt, once it is boiled, you can directly eat it. The taste will be a little sweet.
  • This seed could be added with the curries when prepare at home, it tends to enhance the taste in most cases.

Mind boggling Benefits:

  • Helps us to stay away from skin related ailments
  • Iron content in it helps to increase hemoglobin level in our body
  • Prevents us from Anaemia and blood related illness
  • Acts as a natural immunity booster
  • This fiber rich food improves digestion and prevents constipation
  • Helps in building muscles in our body
  • Mix the powdered seeds with milk and regularly apply to face will help to get rid of wrinkles and prevents us from aging

Kindly feel free to share your experience with us via comments, we are glad to listen from your end..Cheers!!

Less celebrated Indian fruit: Jujube

Jujubee (Red Dates)

As the time progresses we had forgotten a few fruits , which we rejoiced during our childhood, because of the migration to urban areas and transformation of culture.

Some fruits are available based on season and especially grown in rural areas. The one such fruit is Jujube, which is otherwise called as Red Dates. In this post, we see the mind blowing health benefits of this sweet and sour fruit.

i. Improves bone strength Since, it comprises calcium, people who have calcium deficiency can eat this for betterment. It strengthens bones, teeth in our body.

ii. Alleviates Fatigue As age progresses, some people tend to easily get tired though they do a little amount of work, if they intake this fruit on regular basis, it will help to strengthen their body.

iii. Enhances Digestion It cures Loss of appetite, helps in digestion related problems. Similarly, it benefits people suffer from constipation to get relief from it.

iv. Brings down Anxiety and Stress Regular eating of Jujubee fruits has been proven to relief people from stress.

v. Prevents Cancer There are various studies which has thrown light on the anti-cancer effects of this fruit on our body. It has the effect of preventing and treating cancer inflammation.

A few things to consider: Considerable eating of jujube tends to cause gas inflation and gastrointestinal discomfort. Eating raw jujube is actually more nutritious than eating cooked jujube, since the high temperature of heating could destroy the nutrients and various vitamins in it.

Health Secrets of Fenugreek

As human beings, for various reasons, we often face body heat. There are various consequences of it such as burning sensation while urinating, stomach ache, and so on.

During these kind of circumstances, we think about how to immediately reduce our body heat and that too in a very simple way.

Yup! there is an easy way to reduce our body heat, which is by the usage of Fenugreek on daily basis.

Let’s see How we can use it on daily basis? Everyday morning once you wake up, in the empty stomach:

  • Put a tea spoon of Fenugreek in your mouth and drink some water (or)
  • Night soak a tea spoon of Fenugreek in water and drink the water on next day morning (or)
  • Add a tea spoon of Fenugreek powder in water and drink(experts say it gives better results)

Effects on our body:

Reference image
  • Brings down body heat and helps us to maintain it.
  • Helps in weight loss. As per studies, Fenugreek tends to remove bad fat from our body.
  • Cardiovascular health: It contains good amount of potassium which in turn reduces the chances of getting heart related illness.
  • Amino acid in it stimulates the production of insulin our body, in this way it helps the diabetes patients.
  • Soluble fibers in it helps us to stay away from constipation.
  • Digestion problems can be avoided, since it contains fiber, calcium, iron, carbohydrate, protein and minerals.
  • Cures ulcer
  • Improves our kidney functioning
  • enhances blood circulation in our body.

Please try to follow this and feel free to share your experience with us via comments on this post. We are glad to listen from our end.