Pocket Money in KL(Freelancing mobile app)

Premise: A platform to make money as a part-timer especially at your convenient time. This application is a boon to students who need pocket money for their expense (or) people who would like to see some extra dollars in their hand, apart from their regular income.

This mobile application is now available only in Android playstore, not in IOS.

It is a very user friendly application and you need not invest much time learning to do the tasks available in it. Besides, they give some sample tasks to learn once you signed up.

My Tasks Page will be displayed similar to this screen. Every day, they make available a few simple tasks in the Tasks Page which doesn’t require you to travel anywhere and it is just a questionnaire, but, these tasks would offer only .01 or .03 cents maximum. On the contrast, the tasks available in the marketplace used to offer minimum .20 cents to the maximum 5 dollars, it varies in this range so far. But, for the tasks, which are available in the marketplace, you may need to find the spot.

For e.g.: “Report on poor Street Sign Conditions” displayed in the above screen, you need identify a damaged or hidden street sign; take a photo; record the location, then, you may require to answer to few questions.

Exit Task: Even after you started the task, you are allowed to exit from the task, whenever you want, but, the progress you made on the task will not be saved.

Reserve Tasks: In the Homepage, at the right bottom corner, you can find the Plus sign, when you click on it, the below “Task Marketplace” screen will be displayed and the tasks available in the market place would be displayed as in this screen. When you click on the arrow displayed on each tasks, there will be an option displayed to reserve, once you reserve it, the respective task will be available for you to do and it is time bounded. You are supposed to complete the task within a few hours allotted, otherwise it will disappear and you might later be able to find in the marketplace.

Remove Task: At any point of time, if you think the task cannot be completed within the allotted time, you can remove the task from your kit. How to remove?

In the Tasks screen, the tasks you reserved would be listed. For every task listed, at the right hand side, there will be three dots displayed, when you click on it, it will display a menu using which it can be removed.

History Screen: This is the screen where all your completed tasks will be displayed with the status. There are 3 status:

  1. Under Review
  2. Accepted
  3. Rejected

For the accepted, cash will be available in the payment screen for payout.

There are various scenarios, the tasks may be rejected, but, they always state the reason.

Payment method: Once you download and install from playstore, it would ask you to setup payment method to debit the amount you can earn. Currently, there are 2 payment methods:

  1. Payoneer
  2. PayPal

If there is any delay for the tasks to get approved (or) task is rejected for invalid reason, you can always get in touch with the representatives through this screen, “Report A Problem” menu, they are very friendly and usually try to reply on the same day.

Available Countries: This application is available in many countries; it is a lengthy list. Here are a few: Brazil, India, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Vietnam, Tukey, and Malaysia.

Referral: This application allows you to refer your friends via sharing the link but, sadly there is no referral bonus offered at this point of time.

Comment your experience with this app, happy freelancing

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