Cultural Shocks in Malaysia -Part1

This article is all about what Indians encounter when they come to Malaysia in terms of cultural shock.

Basically, we use rupees in India against RM in Malaysia. So far, the price of RM against Rupees keeps fluctuating based on the economy every day.

In terms of price, there are many items obviously costlier than India, since currency value is relatively higher.

Let’s say one example: One-kilogram banana is sold for 5 RM, where in India, we will be able to buy at least 4-5 kilograms of banana in that price.

Many of the food items are imported since Malaysia is a small country and its climate is not suitable for crops like sugarcane and other agricultural products.

Food culture and its expenses: Wherever you go in Malaysia, as far as the restaurants are concerned, you are allowed to take on your own whatever dishes you want in terms of how much quantity you can eat and the price will be charged based on what you have taken and the quantity. It is not like you need to order, wait for the waiter to serve and the quantity is limited as per that restaurant’s standard.

Unless you go for banana leaf meals, where the number of items are restricted and the quantity is unlimited like India.

Meat: People do eat meat even for breakfast and majority of the people are non-vegetarian. Besides, people like to eat fried items more.

Outside Food: People who go for work, mostly they resort to have food in the restaurants and they don’t prefer to carry food for lunch. Hence, restaurants business is a very good business to do here.

Sweets: Here Malaysian sweets are less sweet when we compare with Indian sweets. We feel the Malaysian sweets are less sweet, whereas Malaysians feel that Indians sweets taste too much sweet.

Tissue Paper: Whichever restaurant you go, always tissue paper will be available to wipe your hand after you eat unlike India, where some restaurants got and we use to carry hand kerchief for that purpose.

Sea Food like fishes, squid, prawn is Prevalent here, almost everywhere.

Rent: Most of the places got apartments, condominiums and people do Sub rent the rooms in their houses to others. Unlike India, here you can get fully furnished, semi-furnished houses for rent where as in India, it is always unfurnished, here also it is available.

Finding landed and compounded houses, especially which is separated from other nearby houses is very rare, most of the houses if we take a lane, all will look like and will share the walls with the neighbor’s houses, since those are built by a builder and sold to the people.

Price Tag of products: In India, where each and every packed product you want to buy will have price stated in it. Whereas in Malaysia, price is not stated on the products and it varies in every shop.

Mall: In Cities, like in every corner of the streets, you can find malls, it is a lot.

Massage: Here massage business is prevalent and you can get good massage at an affordable price in almost all the locations whereas in India, it is rare to find and at some place, it is costly.

Travelers: Malaysians usually pre-plan for the holidays and travel to other countries. By the holiday time, if you want to book tickets for the commutation or stay, you will be disappointed, it is better to plan ahead in synch with their culture when you live here.

As a whole, Malaysian is a happening place, where you can enjoy your stay.

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