Expenses in Kuala Lumpur

Usually, when people land up in foreign land, regardless of any country they visit, for each and every product’s price they come across, without their knowledge, the currency conversion automatically runs in mind and it influences them in making decision for purchase.

When people find some items cheaper, mind feels happy and tend to buy more for their near and dear ones. On the contrary, when the price is comparatively higher than their home land, mind accordingly influences to plan the purchase and it varies from person to person. It is quite natural and almost every human being faces this situation, unless somebody really don’t care about money and filthy rich.

Here, let’s take a look at the expenses in Malaysia from an Indian perspective.

Basically, there are 3 things important for every human being: i. Food ii. Shelter iii. Clothing

Food: Here in Malaysia, most of the Indian food ingredients are imported, so comparatively, here price of food ingredients is costlier. Ironically, in many ordinary restaurants, most of the food items’ prices are almost same as India like Dosa, Chappathi, meals, etc and at some places it is cheaper as well. Idly is always an exception, which can’t be sold lesser than 1RM and it is approximately equal to 17INR++. But, if you want to visit Anjappar, Sarava Bhavan, Sangeetha, A2B thinking that the price will be same as Indian restaurants, can’t help it lol For a whole month, even if you eat out in the restaurant,s you can manage within 600-900RM.

Stay: For bachelor, rent is not very costly, given that you earn in ringgit, you can easily find a single room to stay in around 500RM with Wifi and utilities(subjective) around KL Sentral area, whereas if you approach near KLCC area, based on the apartment you choose and the convenience it offers, the price will plummet. On the contrary, if you want to rent a complete unit in an apartment/condominium in the city center, you may need to at least shell out 25 – 50% of your salary. Given this situation, family which stays in the city center rent out the extra rooms to save some bugs for their other expenses.

Clothing: As far as clothes are concerned, comparatively it is costlier than India. But, you can get all international branded clothes and trendy designs from across the world. If you are fond of decorating yourself with impeccable clothes for various occasions, this is the place for you.

Given the above if you are newly arrived to Malaysia, you should be able to manage your expenses within 1000-1500RM, spending beyond is subjected to individuals habit, life style and the comfort they want.

Travelling comes as a perk when stay in Malaysia. If you have a vehicle, here fuel price is very cheap and you could enjoy traveling around various destinations and but, you have to pay for parking almost in all places unlike India where you can park your vehicle on the road side without any cost.

In a nutshell, Malaysia is the place where cultural confluence can be relished; the place for foodies; plethora of travel destinations.

Relish every moment you spend here…

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