Cultural shocks in Malaysia – part 2

Road with vehicles

After a few days, we are again back with the travel experience updates for our dearest followers.

Honking horns: Honking the horns in vehicle is considered as taboo in Malaysia. Visiting from India, we find it so surprised to observe the way people manage their driving without honking their horns.

Commutation: On road, we always would get to see more four wheelers than bikes. Bikes are used to be a few on the roads.

Prawn Crackers

Non veg snacks: Since we Indians mostly eat vegetarian food and even if it is frequent, it could be twice in a week. We would feel surprised to find fish, prawn, chicken related packed snack items sold in grocery shops here.

Climate: Throughout year, it is almost the same climate. Day time bright sunshine, followed by frequent rains. However due to its proximity to oceans the climate is often quite humid. Despite this, the weather is never too hot and temperatures range from a mild 20°C to 30°C average throughout the year; whereas the highlands experience cooler temperatures.


Rain: Here, almost raining everyday, that too it is not drizzling, in one or two minutes after rain started, it will be downpour. It is always advisable to carry umbrella in hand, even with umbrella, it is difficult to honestly manage if you want to go by walk, because the force of rain is very heavy.

Drinks: We in India mostly use to have only Tea and Coffee, other than that Complan, Bournvita, Horlicks we buy and use. Here, if we see, in Tea and Coffee itself, there are many varieties which you could avail even in the road side stalls or small restaurants, that’s the beauty of it. Ironically, if you want Tea (or) Coffee with milk, you need to mention it as milk tea, otherwise, they are used to use the creamer.

Drinks in Restaurant

A few special drinks to quote are: Neslo(Nescafe+Milo), Teh O Kosong, Te O ice, Teh O Ice Limau, etc. Apart from that, there a few other famouse drinks such as Barley juice, Air Bandung Juice, Nutmeg Juice, Longan Juice, etc. If you are visiting Malaysia, don’t miss to rejoice all these delights.

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