Life of despair

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

As a living thing, we have to live our lives whether we would like to do or not; unless we end it with some desperation.

But, the way we move ahead during various occasions, is as per our instinct and judgement. Sometimes we come across the lowest point in our life, which is generally engulfed by depression, insurmountable stress and so on.

We can undergo stress and deteriorate our health, but when we see our dears getting wilted because of our problems, would we stay silent to let it infest in the way it is?

Rather experiencing stress and let it drown us, wouldn’t you manage to stay away from it and project yourself as happier, stronger than ever before to console them and boost their confidence?

Some people successfully endure the stress and come out shiny, like a polished diamond, whereas others get subjugated to it’s power and let it direct them.

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