Tips to read anybody

Hello Guys! Don’t go crazy looking at the title of this post.

In this post, we are not going to see how to read someone’s mind. Only vampires could do, whe they are around. We are going to see How to read people? It’s all about knwoing beyond words what they want to say? It’s all about sensing what they actually want to say, even when they say otherwise.

When you are able to properly read someone, it will significantly affect your social, work and personal life.

When you understand how another person is feeling, so you can accordingly tweak your message and communication style so that it is received in the best way possible.

It might sound tricky but you don’t actually need any superpower to read someone.

In this post, we are going to see 15 amazing tips to read someone like a pro.

The first thing is be objective and open minded. If you are going to read someone, you must first practice having an open mind. You should not let your emotions and past experiences influence your impressions and opinions.

If you are going to read someone in a quicker way, it will cause you to misread someone. Psychology actaully says that logic alone won’t tell you the entire scenario. You must surrender yourself to the vital forms of information which is nothing but non-verbal cues that people express and people emit. You have to approach every situation and interaction in an objective way so when you receive information, you have to be objective and receive neutrally without distorting it to see someone clearly.

The second marvellous thing you could do to read people is you can observe their posture. You can see them how they stand, how they walk, how they hold their head. Let’s say if a person is holding his head high, it means he is very confident above of the situation. And let’s say another person, he is walking very indecisively and Cower. It means he may be in low self-esteem. Let’s take a scenario where you are a boss and your sub-ordinate has dropped by your place. But,, when he was walking towards your place, he was walking in an indecisive manner. So, when you see him, when you observe his posture, you have to understand he might be in low self-esteem, so you have to make him gain some confidence beofre he go back to his desk.

The another thing you could do is observe people’s appearance whether that person is dressed up for success whhich makes them look they are ambitious; whether that person is wearing jeans and tee shirt, which makes them they look comfort and causual; whether that person is wearing tee shirt with slogan; whether that person got a tatoo in their hand; whether that person is wearing any pendant with religious symbols, which showcases their spiritual values. All these identities and symbols you can sense or read something about that person.

Okay! another thing you could do is observe people’s body movements. Let’s say when somebody lean towards you, it means that person likes you. When somebody lean away from you, it means that that person doesn’t like you. So, during a conversation, when a person lean towards you, keeping her hands open, and facing palms upwards, it means that that person is in connection with you during the conversation. So, not only these lean towards, lean away, you can observe various other body movements also, like keeping one’s arms crossed and legs crossed, it suggests that that person is in self-defensive, protection or anger. So, let’s take an example where you are conversing with another party and that person is leaning towards you during the conversation keeping her hands open and the palms facing upwards, so that person is in connection with you during the conversation. The conversation is going well, but suddenly you say something but that moment that person lean away from you keeping her hands croseed, it means that you said something but that didn’t like it. So, not only these body movements, you can observe whether somebody is cuticle picking or biting their lips, it suggests that they are trying to soothe themselves under pressure.

Another thing you could lookout is facial expression. Unless you are the master of poker face, your emotions will be etched on your face. So, on our daily basis, we come across people, we do smile with people, we do discuss with people, we do converse with people, we do laugh, fight and do everything. there are several facial expressions we do come across, we do see on daily basis. Each one got its own meaning, the 1st one is when you see deep frown lines formed on somebody’s face, it is the sign that they are over-thinking or worried. When somebody is truly laughing out, you can find crow’s feet or smile lines of joy on their face. When you find pursed lips, it means that it is a sign of contempt, anger or bitterness. So, additionaly, if you find clenched jaws or teeth grindingness, it means that it is the sign of tension of omeone’s face.

The another thing is don’t shy away from the small talk. In our previous post, we have discussed a lot about the small talk. what is small talk? How to have a small talk? Where and when we can have a small talk? and son and so. Here, we are going to see how to make use of it as an opportunity to understand one person. So, wehn you have a small talk, you can find out how a person behaves in a normal situation? You can use it as a benchmark to identify any differences out of the normality in some other situations in his behaviour.

The next thing you could do is scan complete behaviour of a person. Let’s say in general, what we do is in most cases, we assume that when a person look down on a floor it means that the person is nervous or worried. Let’s say you are already familiar with that person, you are very close with that person. You are having conversation with him, but during the conversation, that person is looking down on the floor. Does that mean that person is nervous or worried? It could be because that person is trying to avoid eye contact with you or trying to be casual, because you are talking about someting which he is not comfortable. It could be like that also. That’s why establishing a person’s normal bbehaviour will help you to identify if any deviations in that person behaviour.

Another thing you could do is ask direct questions, when you want direct answers, instead of asking vague questions. So, moreover when somebody answers your quetion you have to look for action words in their answer to understand how they think through to answer your question. How they do things, you can undertsand their behaviour and read, how they act, how they behave. Let’s take an example where you have gone for a shopping and your friend has accompanied you. When you are shopping, your friend is looking for to purchase a jean, there are several brands of jeans, on the racks. After a while, you ask him, which beand jean you are going to purchase? So, he answers you saying that he has decided to go with the Levis brand. Here, the action word is decided, it means that he is not impulsive, he has thought about which brand to buy, now, he has decided, he is going to go with the Levis brand.

The another thing is observe the observe the words and the tones people use. When you talk with somebody, you have to notice and observe what kind of words they use and the tone of their voice also. because, it means a lot acually. Okay! let’s take an example where you are congratulating your colleague for his promotion and he replies saying that this is my fourth promotion. It means that he has already been promoted thrice, this is is his fourth promotion that you want to know that he has already been promoted thrice. So, these kind of people mostly rely on others to boost their self-confidence. They actaully want you to brag them so that they feel good. So, in most cases, as per psychology what they say is the sounds basically creates vibration, tone of the voice and the words they use , based on that you can feel the emotions of the person. If the tone of the voice is like whiny or abrasive, you can understand what kind of emotions is going inside their body, in their mind.

Another thing you could do is Listen to what your gut says. when you first meet a person, it will give you a visceral reaction, it is actually a primal response, occurs quickly on its own. It is your internal truth meter actually. It will let you know whether you are confortable with that person or not? Moreover, it will tell you whether you can trust that person or not? You can actually go by that.

The next amazing thing I tell you is Observe people eyes. Because, eyes are the doorway to our soul, as per research. It will tell you so many things, whether they are mean, whether they are angry, whether they are defensive, whether they are telling you the truth, whether they are telling you a lie. Everything they will let you know, it will tell you what kind of person they are also. So, keannly observe people eyes, when you have a conversation to read beyond words what they mean actually.

Another thing you could observe is let’s say when someone is biting the arms of the spectacle, or pen, pencil, or they are biting the chewing gum, all means the same thing. They are worried about something in their subconscious level. Try to cheer them up, interact with them and try to make them happy.

The another thing let’s say when a person is rubbing his chin like this and he is looking somewhere around, up, down, sides, or anywhere. It means that that person is trying to make a decision. If you ask him, what he is looking at, he would not even know what he is looking at. Because, he is deep in thinking, and trying to make some decision in his mind.

The another thing you could notice is sitting on a chair like a horse. Sitting on a chair llike a horse means that holding the back of the chair and facing the different direction. So, basically people who are dominant tend to follow this style, when they are sitting on a chair. So, it means that let’s say a person is running the shhow and another person doesnt want to remain or look weak, he might follow this style. If he is dominant person, many people , most of the people doesn’t like people sitting like this. because, we basically and intuitively feel the aggression init. The final thing you could do is practice watching people. The more you study people, the more you can read them. So watch some program on mute and observe the face reactions of the people and the body movements of the people, after sometime, watch the same program with the volume ON. and try to see your whether your observation matches. So, this way you can practice watching people and improve your skillsets on this front. So, now I have taught you the 15 amazing ways on how to read people. So, basically we don’t need any superpower to read someone, all we need to understand is what we need to look for. Okay guys, it will actaully help you to further boost your emotional quotient, and make you understand the struggles and needs of the people around you, so that you can act accordingly and it will help you to improve your interpersonal skills, it will help to establish very good relationship with somebody, in all htese ways, it will immensely help you, hope this post would have been useful to guys. Thank you for reading, comment below how you find this post. I will make sure I will see you all with the useful post again, Stay tuned.