Why credit Card?

Card payment Photo Credit: Pixabay

Before we jump into why we should use credit card? Let’s have a quick look at the differences between Debit Card and Credit Card.

Here we are going to see how you could make banks start paying you, instead of you paying them.

i. Most simply debit card is the one using the money which you already have in the bank, we here call by the name “bank money”. Credit card is the one using the money we don’t necessarily have it, here we call by the name “bill money” and the bill which we receive probably at the end of the month.

ii. Using debit card, we spend the past income, which we have made already. However, with the credit card, we can utilise future income which we are expected to make it.

If you are expected to make 1000$, you could purchase electronic gadget of worth 1000$ and pay by credit card. Credit card bill can be paid at the end of the month. You don’t necessarily have to have money before hand prior to make a purchase.

iv. Debit card: No fees associated to maintain and completely free.

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v. Really easy to get into trouble with the credit card. Spend more than what we have and it can become a habit over a period of time and might impact in the long run. Easy to spend above our means. With the debit card, you should have money to spend.

vi. Lots of people don’t realise that credit card debt’s interest. If you have only 1000$s of credit card debt, you decided to pay only the minimum payment. It will take you years to pay complete money back.

See installment plan of 25$ per month, you think that Wow! you could afford it. In Reality, when zero $ in your account, it will make your financial situation even tighter than how it is supposed to be. Credit card debt has the highest interest rates in the world and somewhere around 20-25%.

Most common reasons why people don’t want to get credit card:
i. Too much of hassle to go through the process and make research which credit card is the best in the market. ii. Don’t want to get into debt.

As far as myself is concerned, I pay credit card bill even before I receive the bill which helps me to improve the credit card score as well.

Why you have to go for debit card, instead of credit card?
It is completely free to use, no monthly fees or maintenance fees.
Additonally, not accumulating any debt.

Why credit card?
Using credit card, there are many products sold at discounted price when pay by credit card. For students, even if a little amount of savings, it means a lot to them.


Curry Leaves and health benefits

Curry Leaves Photo Credit: Pixabay

Curry leaves are an important herb, which belongs to the Rutaceae family

It is predominantly grown in India and Southeast Asian countries.

Used in food: These leaves are widely used in Asian cuisines for flavoring foods. It is used for seasoning or garnishing the dishes with curry leaves.

It is an important herb and popular for its anti-oxidant properties, which help to treat many health issues.

Nutrients info: Carbohydrates, Fiber, Calcium, Phosphorous, Irons, and vitamins like vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin E.

Health benefits of curry leaves:

Detoxify our body: due to eating unhealthy and processed items, which could lead to weight gain and cause lot of accumulated toxins in the body.

Fat loss and Stomach ailments relief: If you drink curry leaves tea daily, that helps to remove unwanted fat and toxins from your body. This helps to reduce your weight effectively to solve stomach related problems. Add it to butter milk, drink it on an empty stomach for dealing with conditions such as diarrhea, constipation, and dysentery.

Supports bowel movements: Raw and tender curry leaves can be eaten on an empty stomach. It also supports bowel movements and stimulates digestive enzymes, lowers cholesterol.

Lessens blood cholesterol: Many research shows that curry leaves have properties that can help in lowering blood cholesterol levels. The rich antioxidants in it helps in preventing the oxidation of cholesterol that forms bad cholesterol. This in turn helps in increasing the amount of good cholesterol.

Protects your body from heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Good for diabetic patients: As per studies, Curry leaves have been found to effectively reduce blood glucose levels. They offer protection to insulin producing cells of the pancreas, and prevents damage caused by free radicals. It is probably because of minerals composition such as copper, iron, and zinc that curry leaves perform this function.

Helps eye: Curry leaves are rich in vitamin A, which is essential for the health of your eyes and vision.  If you wear spectacles or are suffering from dryness and stress in your eyes, drink a cup of curry leaves every day.

Alleviate Stress: Essential oils of curry leaves can help in effectively reducing stress. This is probably because of the calming effect of the scent of curry leaves. Studies show that inhaling linalool can help in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

Boosts memory: Incorporating curry leaves in your diet can have beneficial effects on your memory. It can help in dealing with impaired memory disorders such as Alzhiemer’s.


Is your life taking you through the bumpy roads?
Sometimes, Couldn’t you tolerate it?
Is it making you feel stressed, upset?
Whenever there is hardship, there is always leftover, which is called learning
Carefully travel ahead with the leftover is called as maturity by age

Life of despair

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

As a living thing, we have to live our lives whether we would like to do or not; unless we end it with some desperation.

But, the way we move ahead during various occasions, is as per our instinct and judgement. Sometimes we come across the lowest point in our life, which is generally engulfed by depression, insurmountable stress and so on.

We can undergo stress and deteriorate our health, but when we see our dears getting wilted because of our problems, would we stay silent to let it infest in the way it is?

Rather experiencing stress and let it drown us, wouldn’t you manage to stay away from it and project yourself as happier, stronger than ever before to console them and boost their confidence?

Some people successfully endure the stress and come out shiny, like a polished diamond, whereas others get subjugated to it’s power and let it direct them.