Buffalo Milk: An underrated natural dessert

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As human beings, to live longer and healthier, a very important thing is the food habit we follow.

Healthy food habit could prevent us from all kinds of ailments and let us live longer without any illness. For that, what we intake should be of more nutritious and in right quantity as well.

Since a child is born, the first food to baby is the mother’s breast milk. After the child grew up , on daily basis, we usually feed some milk based products to children . It could be either cow milk or buffalo milk.

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A few people are in confused state, which milk brings greater benefits to our body. In general, most of the people only know the benefits of cow milk, we don’t even spare time to think about buffalo’s milk. Buffaolo milk actually consists more nutrients than cow milk.

Nutrients info: Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A

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  • Prevents us from Cardiovascular diseases
  • Acts as Immunity booster
  • Prevents us from Hemiplegia (the condition in which one side of body gets paralyzed)
  • Aids in regulating blood pressure
  • Improves the skin glow
  • More calcium in it strengthens our bones
  • Thin people could drink this to put on weight
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Who has to think twice before consuming this?

  • Not be suitable to obese people since it got more fat.
  • We always feed children with food which can be easily digested. Since it comprises more fat, it might take a little more time than cow milk to get digested.

Stay Healthy, Live longer