Bustling benefits of Banana flower

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Almost every part of banana tree is useful to us, be it stem, flowers, leaves, barks, and obviously the bananas- both ripen and non-ripen.

Banana flowers are the blossoms of banana tree which are used as vegetables in South Asia and South East Asia region. The people of these regions use banana flower for curries, soups and fried foods.

Nutrients info: Potassium, Fiber, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Copper, Vitamin E and Protein.


Good for heart: Banana flowers are good source of tannins and other antioxidants, potassium, and dietary fiber. All these contents help to keep your heart healthy.

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Anti-aging benefits: Banana flowers are loaded with antioxidants that encounter free radicals and prevent early aging or skin aging.

Improve Lactation: Banana flowers promote breast milk supply for lactating mothers. It also helps to prevent excessive bleeding and maintaining healthy uterus after delivery.

Anti-depressants: Banana flowers are rich in magnesium which helps to boost mood and reduce anxiety without any side effects.

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Regulate menstrual bleeding: Banana flowers help to increase the progesterone hormone in the body which can reduce excessive menstrual bleeding.

Regulating blood pressure: Banana flowers are rich in potassium and dietary fiber which help in maintaining blood pressure at normal level.

Helps in digestion: Banana flowers are loaded with dietary fibre which boosts healthy digestion and prevents constipation.

Boosts immunity: Banana flowers treat infections due to presence of ethanol-based extracts which helps to prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

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Prevents Anaemia: Banana flowers have good amount of iron that can increase the production of red blood cells.

In the upcoming blogs, we will post how to prepare food using this flower to en light our followers to get benefited from this flower’s nutrients.

Health Secrets of Fenugreek

As human beings, for various reasons, we often face body heat. There are various consequences of it such as burning sensation while urinating, stomach ache, and so on.

During these kind of circumstances, we think about how to immediately reduce our body heat and that too in a very simple way.

Yup! there is an easy way to reduce our body heat, which is by the usage of Fenugreek on daily basis.

Let’s see How we can use it on daily basis? Everyday morning once you wake up, in the empty stomach:

  • Put a tea spoon of Fenugreek in your mouth and drink some water (or)
  • Night soak a tea spoon of Fenugreek in water and drink the water on next day morning (or)
  • Add a tea spoon of Fenugreek powder in water and drink(experts say it gives better results)

Effects on our body:

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  • Brings down body heat and helps us to maintain it.
  • Helps in weight loss. As per studies, Fenugreek tends to remove bad fat from our body.
  • Cardiovascular health: It contains good amount of potassium which in turn reduces the chances of getting heart related illness.
  • Amino acid in it stimulates the production of insulin our body, in this way it helps the diabetes patients.
  • Soluble fibers in it helps us to stay away from constipation.
  • Digestion problems can be avoided, since it contains fiber, calcium, iron, carbohydrate, protein and minerals.
  • Cures ulcer
  • Improves our kidney functioning
  • enhances blood circulation in our body.

Please try to follow this and feel free to share your experience with us via comments on this post. We are glad to listen from our end.