Less celebrated Indian fruit: Jujube

Jujubee (Red Dates)

As the time progresses we had forgotten a few fruits , which we rejoiced during our childhood, because of the migration to urban areas and transformation of culture.

Some fruits are available based on season and especially grown in rural areas. The one such fruit is Jujube, which is otherwise called as Red Dates. In this post, we see the mind blowing health benefits of this sweet and sour fruit.

i. Improves bone strength Since, it comprises calcium, people who have calcium deficiency can eat this for betterment. It strengthens bones, teeth in our body.

ii. Alleviates Fatigue As age progresses, some people tend to easily get tired though they do a little amount of work, if they intake this fruit on regular basis, it will help to strengthen their body.

iii. Enhances Digestion It cures Loss of appetite, helps in digestion related problems. Similarly, it benefits people suffer from constipation to get relief from it.

iv. Brings down Anxiety and Stress Regular eating of Jujubee fruits has been proven to relief people from stress.

v. Prevents Cancer There are various studies which has thrown light on the anti-cancer effects of this fruit on our body. It has the effect of preventing and treating cancer inflammation.

A few things to consider: Considerable eating of jujube tends to cause gas inflation and gastrointestinal discomfort. Eating raw jujube is actually more nutritious than eating cooked jujube, since the high temperature of heating could destroy the nutrients and various vitamins in it.