No Fap(Semen Retention): Miraculous benefits

In this post, we are going to see what is no fap? what is the procedure to follow no fap?
whether no fap means no sex?
and what’s the difference between no fap and semen retention?
and what are the various health benefits of following no fap?

Okay! when it comes to no fap, it’s all started on Reddit in 2011 during a convo between the folks who had stopped masterbation. What all started as a casual conversation is now a business, it got a website, and there is an organization which promotes quitting no just porn and other sexual behaviours also.
Their target audience appears to be predominantly males, a smaller chunk of females and people who belong to other sexual orientations.
Proponents of the no fap argues that they experience a range of benefits from mental clarity to muscle growth. even I experience those benefits because I am following no fap. Another thing you need to consider is watchhing porn and beating your meat is going to give you absolutely nothing. As per research, porn addiction is one of the most powerful addictions in this world. That’s why many people participate in this no fap challenge for 90 days. Now, we are going to see why 90 days?

When you watch too much porn, it affects your brain and it causes various side effects also like sexual dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation and it even has the potential to destroy your life. Basically, our body needs time, when you are following no fap, to perform the rewiring of our brain and to reboot it. That’s why it is basically 90 days. But, 90 days following no fap is really tough actually, but, if you want to get out of the porn addiction and masterbation, you need to follow it. It is possible, it is achievable actually.

Now, let’s see whatt is the difference between semen retention and no fap?
No Fap can be considered as semen retention but semen retention is different from it. No fap is basically a type of 90 days challengepeople take it up to get rid of the porn addiction. during that, 90 days period people refrain from watching porn and do the masterbation and ejaculating. During that period, people will be retaining their semen, these 90 days period is the period during which our whole body and our brain reboots itself so that it can revive and get back the drained energy. But people after completing the no fap challenge, some people fall back to their old behaviour of fapping on daily basis. Some other people who get into their relationship, they have normal sex and release the energy during the orgasm. So, this is how it is happening. But, when it come sto semen retention, it is all about, how to reach the orgasm without ejaculating it. So how how to experience the whole body orgasm without performing the ejaculation retaining the semen. So, this is how these 2 concepts are different, these 2 practices are different.

Real Sex becomes better
You will enjoy your partner’s company. Actually, pornography destroys your sexual life. It will create distance between you and your partner. when you follow no fap, the real sex is far better than watching pornography and masterbation. Actually, it boosts your energy level, so when are watching porn and performing the masterbation, you are loosing too many essential nutrients which you don’t even realise, so, when you are following no fap, you are retaining that energy in your body. It actually increases your testosterone level levels by 45% in day 7 so which may increase your energy level. However, it has been noticed that it comes back to normal after a week. This increase in testosterone level is an awesome feeling.

The next thing is more intense sexual desire, you sexual drive will go up(the real sexual dessire), so after when you complete no fap for a couple of weeks, your sexual drive will go up like crazy, you will chase the real women, so you will find that real sex is way better than the jerking off to people whom you really don’t know.

The next thing is self-confidence increases. When you watch porn, what happens is your body generates an instant shot of dopamine, so it makes you watch porn again and again, because your generates dopamine without aany hardwork. Basically, how this dopamine gets generated in our body is when you do a lot of hard work, and you achieve something, and you really fell happy about it. Ten, the shot of dopmaine will be generated in our body. so, that’s the natural way to generate dopamine. But, if you generate dopamine ike this, you tell your brain that there is an easy way to generate dopamine so whenever you feel depressed, you feel stressed, you brain ask you to watch porn so that it becomes addicted over a period of time. that’s how porn addiction gradually starts. so, when you follow no fap, over a period of time your dopamine level will go back to normal, but it will take a few months.

Another thing is it gives back your precious time of your life. On an avergae, life is only 700,800 hours. Do you need to spend time watching porn and jerking off to random people whom you don’t even know. At the end of the day, it makes us feel guilty for what we have committed, you need to choose whether you have to watch porn or you spend your precious time with your loved ones and dear one and you enjoy your life to the fullest doing what you want, what you enjoy doing. So, this no fap challenge actually gives back your precious time to enjoy your life and enjoy every moments of your life.

the another thing you need to notice is you will have more self-control, you will start believing in yourself. During no fap, almost diaily, you will have the urge to watch porn and do the masterbation, but, everytime you have these urges, you will fight and win over it. at the end of the day, you will have more self-control. because, you are not fearing of it, intsead you are fighting and winning over it. that’s what matters the most, because the urges of porn are considered as the strongest urges.

The next amazing thing of following no fap is not thinking about sex all the time.
basically, what happens is when we watch too much porn, even when we across a beautiful girl on the way, we like to have sex with her, we start imagining, pour mind starts imagining, having sex with that person, so we don’t even know who that person is that person also doesn’t even know who we are, but, our mind works like this. but, when we follow no fap what happens is these kind of thoughts decrease enough, these kind of thoughts go off from our mind. we see person as a person, we see human as a human, so we interact with humans in a way we are supposed to, instead of looking at them as a sex material.

Another amazing benefit is sharp memory.
do you have problem in remembering things? then, no fap is the solution. when you follow no fap, you will be able to clearly remember things that I personally experience because even I follow no fap. As i said before, many people who follow no fap has experienced the same. their memory power increases, because, you are deleting the garbage from your brain.

another related benefit of following no fap is more focussed. you will be able to focus on smal small things very clearly and very closely if you are finding a trouble, while reading a book, then start no fap from today.

so the another amazing benefit of following no fap is to get a deeper voice. Actually, nobody can help you to get a deeper voice. what happened is when I was following no fap, after a point of time, my voice started becoming heavy, the one thing we need to observe in following no fap is because the testosterone levels alo goes up, the testosterone levels and heavy voice are somewhat related. Let me tell you a story, what happenned in my life, so I attended a conference in Kuala Lumpur, during that conference was on going, so there was a Q&A session. during that Q&A session, I stood up and raised a question, when I raised a question, nobody was giving attention to what I was asking, but after me, there was another guy who stood up and raised a question, his voice was so deep and heavy, and everybody was paying attention to what he was asking, like who is this guy, he got a leader like voice, actually, that situation made me realise how important it is to have a deep voice.

The another potential benefit you could experience is no more premature ejaculation. so, when you watch too mush porn, it causes premature ejaculation also. but, when you follow no fap, you can concentrate on the current moment, instead of worrying about premature ejaculation. Another thing is you have to stop edging. What is edging?
edging is nothing but watching porn but you don’t masterbate. It actually demolishes your no fap achievements and it causes premature ejaculation. so no fap, don’t watch porn, refrain from watching porn and don;t masterbate and don’t do edging.

The next potential benefit you could experience is trong hair. Keratin is the most essential nutrient for our nails and hairs. our sperm contains keratin. when we masterbate, our body loses too much of keratin. If you love your nails and hairs, start no fap challenge.

The next marvellous thing you could experience is better stamina.
when our body got more stamina, it will help to maintain, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and helps to burn the fat also.
we will have very good stamina in our bedroom also, but, for that we need to wait for 90 days. Because, no fap takes time to reboot alll our faults that we have committed in the past.

following no fap helps you to earn more respect from people, because, what happens is when you fap so much, when you masterbate, when you jerk off so much, what happens is it will make you lose your self-esteem, it will make you feel like you are a loser, you are good for nothing like that. but, when you are following no fap, so the changes happen like mental clarity when you are able to clearly remember things, when you are able to focus on even small things, all these things will help you out, in your work, and the things you do, so when you are able to do things in an organized way, and you are able to focus and direct your mind, it will help you to earn respect from the people around you.

Another important benefit you could face is no more stress. there are many ways, plenty of ways to get rid of stress like listening to music, participate in sports activity, sharing our problems with another person, and go to shopping, go to mall, so go to some social gathering likewise. This is one another option using which you can get rid of stress, because when you follow no fap, what happens actaully is you will start enjoying doing small small things, this stress will out of your life and happiness will remain.

The another amazing benefit you could feel is alive eyes. because, when you follow no fap, what you basically do is you are refrining from watching porn, and masterbating. so, during this period, you will be retaining the semen. the semen basically contains the many essential nutreints for our body, for our eyes also, which will help our eyes to work more clearly.

the next benefit is glowing skin, when you are on the journey of following no fap, you skin will start to shine, and everybody will start to notice that your skin is glowing, but they don’t know why it is happening, it is the magic of no fap.

The enxt beautiful benefit is best sleep, when you are on the journey of no fap, you will have very good quality sleep and you will be able to remember your thinds, dreams clearly also. let’s say you are on no fap journey, and you have completed 2-3 weeks, now the period is clled the flatline, during this period, you will get very good sleep, and also you don’t need so mmuch sleep to feel rested also.
if you have a sufficient sleep, like 6-7 hours, then it is completely enough for you.

Thhe enxt beneficial thing is increased self-motivation, because, when you are fapping too much, because, you feel embarrassed, you feel bad, you feel low self-esteem, so you feel like you are not good for nything. so, it will cause so many problems mentally also. but, when you are following no fap, you don’t have anything to hide, right.
so, you feel otivated, you have some energy, you will stand up for yourself, you will fight for yourself, so you have respect for yourself. you will be a self-motivated individual.

the next thing is no depression. many people suffer from depression basically, right, they have problems, they dont share with others, they dono how to get rid of it also. but, no fap is the solution, when you follow no fap, you will have respect for yourself, you will believe in yourself, nothing is impossible will be your life’s mantra, you will have confidence that you can achieve it.

the enxt amazing benefit of no fap is imporved muscle growth. when you follow, no fap, muscle grows insanely, actaully sperm is only 1% of the semen, the other is made of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, Phosphorous, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc and Vitamin B12. so, moreover what appens is during the no fap period, the testosterone levels also goes up by 45% in a week. Okay! these are all the things, combination of all these, helps to improve our body mass, lean muscle mass, everything, so.
One example if I have to quote is I joined gym 6 months ago, that period of time, it was not working for me, my muscles were not growing, I had no energy, no stamina to do the workout also. no confidence, no motivation, now things have changed, my muscle is growing like anything, I am able to feel happy, when I see biceps popping out of my tee shirt.

Okay! guys, finally we have reached the end of this post, thanks for reading, comment below how you find this post and stayed tuned for more posts in the future.

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